Estate/Tag Sales

Our Set-up, pricing, labeling, and large following of people all work together to ensure your estate sale is a huge success. With our 15+ years of experience, your sale is sure to be a huge success.

Estate Sales and More for New Jersey & New York Customers

From inheriting a home full of memories through to needing to downsize, being an avid collector of various items or simply gradually accumulating far too much “stuff”, there are numerous reasons why people end up with far more possessions than they want or need. No matter what your individual circumstances may be, if you or members of your family feel it is time to get rid of large volumes of goods, we are here for you.

Experienced Liquidators: We Do Tag Sales

Through our years of experience in the job, we understand that it is not simply a case of “getting rid” of your possessions. In many cases, our clients will want to select specific items they wish to keep, or may have alternative provision for some of their goods already lined up. We work with each client on an individual basis, consulting with them throughout the process to ensure that nothing gets overlooked at the same time as making sure their wishes are respected throughout.

Realistic Pricing and a Complete Labeling Service

Our team is able to carry out every aspect of the liquidation or house clearance: from initial assessment through to cataloging, presenting the assets appealingly, completing the sales, delivery and final reckoning, we can complete some or all of the process necessary to clear the property. We are able to handle estates of all sizes – just tell us what you require and leave the rest up to us. We cover properties across New York & New Jersey. Call us at (516) 595-7420 for further information.