Estate/Tag Sales

Our Set-up, pricing, labeling, and large following of people all work together to ensure your estate sale is a huge success. With our 15+ years of experience, your sale is sure to be a huge success.

Sisters In Charge is proud to have been chosen #1 in New York 5 years in a row. Our experience and services are based on quality research, connoisseurship, and knowledge of the marketplace.

So many of us have years and years of accumulations in our homes. It may be too overwhelming to go through. Whether it is another family member’s belongings, time for a big move, or just cleaning out unwanted items, we can help! We have helped many people who are too emotionally attached, and/or do not have the time to turn unwanted possessions into money. Sisters In Charge will assist clients by evaluating their needs. They will aid in separating unwanted items from wanted ones. (This first part is in Italics. Why)?

Sisters In Charge will offer you expert guidance in sorting through your years of accumulations. They will “take charge” from beginning to end. Serious consideration, care, and understanding is given to every aspect of your transition. Flexible scheduling is available to fit your valuable time

We will turn your unwanted items into new-found money. We never attempt to purchase items from you prior to your sale. We do not privately sell for ourselves on E-bay, or any other auction sites.