Company History

Inspiration Behind the Brand

Growing up in Queens, Robert Esposito recalls how his grandmother was a “collector of other people’s things”. As a child of the Great Depression, she could not throw away the items her tenants left behind when they moved out of her apartments. In today’s terms, she would be called a hoarder, but back in her day, it was the way of life.

When his Nana became too ill to live on her own, Robert’s mother, the caregiver of the family, took on the daunting task to empty the family home and all of those other people’s things, too! After finishing this labor of love, she realized that others were probably experiencing this same emotionally and physically draining work. She understood first hand what others would experience and in 2002, she started Sisters in Charge to help others host and manage an Estate Sale. While attending college, Robert worked for her, filling dumpsters and moving larger items. After each estate sale was done, he cleaned the homes to make them “closing ready”.

Relocators is Born

Helping Sisters in Charge transition Estate Sale clients from one home to another, Robert became the “go-to mover” by Directors of Assisted Living facilities in the area. The recent grad and aspiring entrepreneur seized the opportunity and in 2008 he bought his first box truck naming the company Relocators Service, Inc. Soon, Relocators was actively serving clients in Long Island with not just post-sale clean outs, but also staging for estate sales and assisting clients who needed temporary storage.

In 2012, the growing company added full-service moving to become a comprehensive solution for stressed out couples, divorced adults, families and children of aging and recently departed parents.


The plan to franchise was based on a mission to offer a caring and comprehensive alternative to the fragmented moving and clean out industry. In the summer of 2016, the Relocators Franchise was a reality, inspiring independent, local owners to join Relocators and expand the unique service brand across the country.